Пинпад verifone vx 520 инструкция

пинпад verifone vx 520 инструкция
Note: You can connect both Internet and phone cables to the terminal, so that your terminal can automatically switch over if you ever suffer from Internet connectivity problems. Key Benefits: Ease and Convenience The VX 820 can also be used as part of the VX 820 DUET for a complete solution, including a feature-rich, all-in-one base unit. When this unit died, Elavon recommended the VX520 which can use either a dial-up connection (phone line) or an ethernet (network) connection. The customer leaves card inserted, press [F1] Yes to confirm the refund amount. Select Totals Report to print a totals summary for each card type and issuer for the transactions in your current (open) batch. Auto Settlement – if your terminal is set to automatically settle, it will automatically settle transactions in the current batch at a specific, predetermined time, within a 24-hour period.

There are several ways to identify the transaction to be adjusted. When finished, replace the paper roll and close the compartment. If the paper advances from the printer during transactions but is blank: Make sure you are using thermal-sensitive paper, not plain paper. The menus were user friendly and made the setup a breeze. I think both Elavon and Verifone are just too big. The future-proof VX 820 supports credit, debit and EMV transactions, and includes integrated NFC/contactless technology for alternative payments.  Verifone VX 520 Manual and Support Documents Save with Merchant Processors * Business Type: * Name: * E-mail: * Phone: * Security Code: A terminal and printer in one, the VX 520 is the ideal transaction system for merchants switching from paper to electronic payment processing.

When they received and connected the VX520 their approval times increased by one minute. They said they don’t support their products and I’d have to get any support from Elavon. They claim it’s the Verifone terminal so I contacted Verifone technical support. Enter the Refund amount and press the green [Enter] button.

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